Neymar Jr.

Which South-American National Teams Neymar Jr. most faced?

Amidst the National Brazilian Team’s challenges at the 2018’s World Cup Qualifiers, Neymar Jr. faces more and more south American teams. But, with 76 games wearing the yellow jersey, which of these squads the number 10 most faced and scored goals in his professional career in the main squad?

With the Brazilian squad, the player faced nine different South-American National Teams since he became a professional. Of all these teams, Argentina remains the adversary he most encountered, with nine games (4 victories, 2 draws and 3 defeats).

The Colombia National Team is the second one that NJr most played against, with five matches (3 victories, 1 draw and 1 defeat) and Chile gets the third place, with four duels (2 victories and 2 draws). Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador are on a tie with three. Bolivia and Paraguay with two and Venezuela’s team is the one that he least encountered, with only one confrontation (A draw).

As for Neymar Jr.’s biggest South American victims, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia are on a tie. With three goals suffered each. Chile, Uruguay and Peru suffered only one goal each. Venezuela and Paraguay remain as the only teams what the player did not manage to shake the net.

The number 10 also assists a lot for the main team, with 31 assistences. Against the National South American Teams, Neymar Jr. made three assistances in encounters with Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia. The player also helped his teammates to score twice in matches against Bolivia and Ecuador and once against Chile. NJr never assisted against Venezuela, Peru and Paraguay.

With a new World Cup coming and the rest of the Qualifiers happening, the Brazilian number 10’s numbers can change a lot throughout the duels. That’s why Neymar Jr. trains and focuses on his next adversary, Paraguay, next Tuesday (28). Will the player finally make Paraguay one of his victims?