Neymar Jr.

The MSN Trio scored and qualifies Barcelona to Copa del Rey’s quarter finals

Barcelona managed to turn things from their first game with Athletic Bilbao around and won this Wednesday’s (11) match by 3-1, qualifying to Copa del Rey’s quarter finals. The victory had goals from the trio: Messi, Suárez and Neymar Jr. On the next Saturday (14), the team returns to La Liga for a duel against Las Palmas.

First half –

Both teams were very cautious at the Camp Nou. With more than 10 minutes of match, no big chance happened inside the pitch, despite the players’ big effort. At 19 minutes, in an opportunity to cause danger against Bilbao, Jordi Alba received on the left, tried to kick it, but the ball got blokced. On the rebound, Neymar Jr. launched it to the center, but Iraizoz intercepted the play.

At 25, Iniesta got the ball on the center and gave a great pass for Neymar Jr. The player found Suárez on the center and made the decisive pass. For the referee, it was offside. Around 30 minutes, the quantity of fouls were raised and Barcelona took those chances. Close to the area, after NJr got knocked down, Messi almost scored on a free-kick, but sent it out.

But at 35 minutes, Barcelona managed to knock the net. After a dash from Neymar Jr. on the left, the player made a difficult pass for Suárez, on the other side. The Uruguayan kicked with a hard hit to open the score. After the goal, the rhythm fell and Barcelona held the 1-0 victory.

Second half –

 In the first minute of the second half, Neymar Jr. got knocked down trying to get inside the area. Finishing his lack of goals in oficial matcheswith Barça, the player kicked the penalty and scored for the squad. But the calm didn’t last long. After a failure from Busquets and Cilessen, Saborit scored and Bilbao started to pressure inside the Camp Nou.

But Barcelona didn’t let it go cheap and took each chance possible to pressure it back. When the game crossed its 60 minutes mark, Iniesta and Neymar jr. had similar chances of scoring from kicking outside the area, but, unfortunately, Iraizoz had his sights on the ball. The game got tense and the result was uncertain.

But the crowd and the team knew that they had a genius on the team. At 77 minutes, after Suárez got knocked down close to the area’s entrance, Lionel Messi scored with a beautiful free-kick. 3-1 at the Camp Nou. In the following minute, Neymar Jr. almost left his second one, after dribbling all of the defenders inside the area and kicking, but he sent it outside. He got substituted soon after and left the pitch under aplauses.

Taking a bigger defensive approach and being a lot more careful, Barcelona managed to hold the result they wanted and qualified themselves to Copa del Rey’s quarter finals.