Neymar Jr.

Panini launches debuts the official Olympic Games sticker book in Brazil

Neymar Jr. almost got the golden medal back in 2012, but didn’t make it. Now the player has a new opportunity of bringing the only title that’s missing for the Brazilian football, at the Olympic Games that’ll take place in South America for the first time. And speaking of first time, Panini is launching the official sticker book for the first time in Brazil.

The project is a partnership between the Rio 2016 committee and Panini, bringing stickers to illustrate this historic moment in Brazilian history. Aside from Neymar Jr., many athletes got their own sticker in the book.

There are 240 athletes from all Olympic and Paralympic modalities, beyond other curiosities and illustrations about the history of the tournament, the torch, mascots and palces. Everything is totalizing in 374 stickers, in a 56 pages book.

Did you like the news? The official Neymar Jr.’s site and the Torcida Panini prepared a surprise for you! If you want to win an autographed album by Brazil’s number 10 himself, run to Neymar Jr. and Torcida Panini’s Facebook and stay tuned!