Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr.’s site competes at the Webby Awards 2016

Neymar Jr.’s site is between the finalists of the prize Webby Awards 2016, considered as the Oscars of the Insternet, on the Sports category. The player’s website is competing against portals like ESPN, Wimbledon 2015 and the Players Tribune. Besides, the player still shows up in the categories of de “Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics”, with Panasonic’s site “Neymar Jr. Crazy Skills” and in “Virtual Reality: Gaming Interactive, or Real-Time” with Nike’s game “The Neymar Jr. Effect”. The event will be in may, in New Yourk and, and there will be two juries. One formed by the celebrities Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Kimmel and another by popular vote.

To vote, just go to log in and vote on Neymar Jr.’s site.

To vote on Panasonic’s video  “Neymar Jr. Crazy Skills” – Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics” go to

To vote on Nike’s game “The Neymar Jr. Effect – Virtual Reality: Gaming, Interactive, or Real-Time”, click here