Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jrs Five’s champions meet up with the player at Barcelona

The big champions of Neymar Jr’s Five’s first edition had their opportunity of meeting the player once again in Barcelona. The seven members of the carioca squad ‘Anjos da Bola’ were happily welcomed by Neymar Jr.

In the training pitch of FC Barcelona, Neymar Jr. spent time, laughed a lot, played in social media and talked for a long time with the champions of the tourney that had the big final taking place at the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr., in July.

The seven friends had the opportunity of taking many pictures, walk through the streets of the Spanish city and even dye their hair blond (Just like NJr did after conquering his golden medal). They also visited the giant Camp Nou and watched the game between Barcelona and Malaga, at the Catalan stadium.

According to the boys, it was an experience that none them could quite believe. “For a few days, we’re all living the dream,” said team captain Gabriel Ferreira Silva. “All of us grew up hoping to be professional footballers one day and we never stop training and never stop dreaming. On this trip, we’ve discovered what it’s like in reality.”

"Meeting the winners was amazing!" said Neymar Jr. "Besides playing football very well, the guys are very nice to talk to. The only thing I missed was a great match to celebrate our meeting, but I didn't have my full team with me."

Gabriel Ferreira Silva, Leandro Vianna Gomes, Leonardo Nunes, Leonardo Santos Mendes, Lucas Nascimento, Lucas Colette e Romário de Araújo, os Anjos da Bola, did their techniques well and took the trophy home. Now if you want to follow their footsteps, stay tuned because the first qualifiers for the 2017 edition of Neymar Jr’s Five will open up in December, when a full announcement will be made about the new season.