Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. surpasses his own mark of goals on the Spanish Championship

And Neymar Jr. breaks another personal record! The player, once again, overcame his own odds and surpassed his own mark of goals, on this season of the Spanish Championship. The player has been scoring one goal in each match, approximately, ever since since the game against Deportivo La Coruña.

Adding up to 24 goals, the athlete managed to beat his own record on the match against Sporting Gijón and amplified it even more, on the 5-0 rout against Espanyol, when he scored the last goal of the duel.

In his first La Liga (2013/2014), the athlete scored nine goals, starting his journey at Barcelona. Next season (2014/2015), he did way better, scoring 22 goals. On this edition of the Spanish Championship, the player has 24 goals, with only on duel for the dispute to come to an end.

The number 11 is the fourth biggest top-scorer of this season’s championship, on a draw with Karim Benzema. If the player scores two goals on the last round, against Granada, he will become equal to Messi, in third place, with 26 goals. La Liga’s current top-scorer is Luis Suárez, way ahead, with 37 goals.