Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. scores his 50th goal in the National Brazilian Team on the victory against Argentina

The National Brazilian Team guaranteed a victory in the classic against Argentina. The team won by 3-0 at the Mineirão, in this Thursday (10). Philipe Coutinho, Neymar Jr. (with his 50th goal in the team) and Paulinho scored. Now Brazil returns to the pitch next Wednesday (16), in Lima, against Peru.

First half –

With a full stadium, the game of giants began. The Argentine team started the game exchanging passes and waiting for a moment to steal the ball, while Brazil awaited to feel at home in the pitch. The first 15 minutes were marked by a match with no finalizations, well balanced and filled with fouls. Both teams didn’t risk too much.

By 22 minutes, with Argentina more comfortable in the match, Messi crossed the ball and left Biglia in a good condition to score. The athlete kicked, but Alisson defended well and stopped the goal. As an answer, at 24 minutes, Neymar Jr. made a quick pass for Coutinho to cut the defenders, kick from outside the area and open the score. 1-0 at the Mineirão.

Argentina started to pressure the Brazilians in the defense and this resulted in a dangerous foul on Messi. In the free-kick, the barrier stopped the player. In the next play, after an Argentine corner kick, NJr gets the ball and accelerates alone to the enemy area. The player dribbled the defenders, but finished the kick in the pole.

The game was too dangerous on both sides and the crowd went schocked with each kick. And then the Brazilian strikers decided to calm them down. Gabriel Jesus stole the ball, got rid of the defenders and passed the ball for Neymar Jr. to score his 50th goal in the National Brazilian Team, finishing the first step of the classic.

Second half –

On the starting two minutes, Neymar Jr. accelerated on the left and made a pass to leave Gabriel Jesus face to face with the goalkeeper. In the kick, the number nine missed. By nine minutes, Brazil caused danger in the adversary’s area. Gabriel lost the ball, Paulinho recovered, got rid of the goalkeeper and, even with the net free, he lost the chance.

But Paulinho redeemed himself soon after. By 13 minutes, Marcelo launched the ball in the area, Renato Augusto didn’t let it go out and Paulinho invaded freely to score. After the goal, Brazil started to move freely inside the pitch, dribbling and invading the area with ease, but the frequent fouls on both sides troubled the duel.

The game’s pace fell down and Brazil was the only team reacting in the pitch. By 39, Renato Augusto launched the ball in the area and Firmino, who had just got in, almost scored, but missed the kick. By 43, before the end of the match, it was NJr’s turn to take the ball to the area and miss the shot.

Brazil could have scored the fourth one, but the team lost a series of opportunities. But, the group showcased superiority and left the classic with a victory.