Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. joins OREO for the ‘Dunk Challenge’

One of the most famous cookies in the world, OREO joins up with Neymar Jr. to celebrate their ‘Dunk Challenge’ in a new way. During the first half of 2017, circling around more than 50 countries, the global campaign will challenge its longtime fans and celebrities to dunk their biscuits in the milk in the most creative way possible.

The campaign’s objective is to bring nostalgia to those who used to wet their biscuits in milk when they were kids. That’s why OREO teamed up with celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, Christina Aguilera and Neymar Jr. for, not only becoming the new face of the biscuits packs, but also to participate in new commercial videos of the ‘Dunk Challenge’.

“OREO sees the world with childlike wonder and our iconic dunking ritual is the purest articulation of that vision,” said Justin Parnell, Global Brand Director, OREO. “When you dunk an OREO cookie in milk, you’re releasing a bit of childlike wonder from within, and it’s those types of moments that our brand was built on.  We’re thrilled to inspire fans to dunk OREO cookies on a global scale and inspire more moments of play and wonder around the world.”

The brand will also give you the chance of showing your abilities in dunking the biscuit in the milk. Some of OREO’s promotional packs will come with a code that you’ll be able to redeem and compete for a chance to win a five-day-trip to New York, Los Angeles or Barcelona, where you’ll be able to dunk your OREO with the celebrities of the campaign.

USA fans who share their OREO cookie dunk on Twitter and Instagram, using the #OREODunkSweepstakes hashtag will also be entered for a chance to win a Wonderfilled VIP dunking experience in New York or Los Angeles. Fans can also enter on Facebook, by sharing their OREO cookie dunk, using the hashtag in response to an OREO Dunk Challenge post on the brand’s page.

“I’m usually in the spotlight for what I can do with my feet,” said Neymar Jr.  “Dunking OREO biscuits using different techniques is a cool way to show fans something different. I love to laugh and have fun, and doing the OREO Dunk Challenge was a great way to do both.”

You can check out Neymar Jr. doing the challenge right here: