Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. is ARCO Egypt’s new ambassador

The ARCO Egypt, company leader of high range projects that unite residential, commercials and touristic spaces, have a new public image to showcase their campaigns. Neymar Jr. signed with the company and has become the new ambassador of the brand in Egypt and the Arab world.

The number 10 of the National Brazilian team will be the face of the new ARCO campaigns, at the MENA region and also of a new group of projects from the brand, like new areas in already existing communities.

“The football makes us fall in love just as much as the development of communities and high range residencies in Egypt,” said the vice-president and CEO of ARCO, Ashraf Salman. We are delighted that Neymar Jr. is a part of the project with our ‘Neymar Jr. Lagoon’ and in our CityStarts Sahel community.

A limited number of unities will be for sale during the presentation of the new ‘Neymar Jr. Lagoon’, which will have a place in the new business center in the last ARCO generation, at CityStarts.

A special bond not only between Egypt and football, but also between Egypt and the people from Brazil and Spain,” said Neymar Jr., who felt “honored” for being the image of ARCO’s projects around the Arab world. “I hope I can visit the Egypt as soon as possible,” concluded.