Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. has the most liked picture in the Olympic Games

It wasn’t just the golden medal that Neymar Jr. won in Rio’s Olympics. With more than two million likes in only one post, the Brazilian’s number 10 left Maracanã with the most liked picture during the Olympics.

Instagram had already revealed that the player dominated the social media and that the 10 most liked pictures during the competition were his. After conquering the first gold in Brazilian football history, NJr posted a pictured kneeled at the Maracanã, thanking God for the medal, with the gold on his chest.

The second and third most liked pictures are also his. In one he celebrates with Gabriel Jesus, raising the injured goalkeeper Fernando Prass’s shirt (1,5 million) and the other was his homage to Usain Bolt (1,4 million).

As for the record of most new followers, the gymnast Simone Biles won around 1,9 million during the Olympics. In second, the legendary swimmer Michael Phelps, with 1,7 million and in third, Arthur Nory, who’s adding up to 1,6 million.

Meanwhile, at Twitter, two of the most tweeted moments during the tourney are also his. Neymar Jr. appears in first place, with the penalty goal that gave him the golden medal, Bolt in second, for winning the golden medal for the third consecutive time in the 100m and NJr, again, when he opened the score at the Maracanã stadium, against Germany.