Neymar Jr.

Manchester City turn the tides and defeats Barcelona on the Champions League

The FC Barcelona tried but couldn’t repeat the great victory they made at the Camp Nou and lost by 3-1 against Manchester City, this Tuesday (1), at the Etihad Stadium, on the Champions League. The team lost for the first time in this edition of the competition. Now Barça needs to recover and return to the pitch, next Sunday (6), against Sevilla.

First half –

The start of the first half was hard for Barça that, even doing well in the match, was taking too much pressure from Manchester City. By 10 minutes, in a good chance for the English team, Umtiti knocked Sterling down inside the area, but the referee saw it as a simulation and kept the game going.

By 21 minutes, the lethal trio’s geniality appeared. After a dangerous play in the Catalan area, Messi got the ball and launched it to Neymar Jr., who accelerated and returned it for the Argentine to invade and open the score. Barcelona became a giant at the Etihad Stadium, eliminating City’s pressure.

But, by 39, the English team changed things. Sergi Roberto missed a shot, Aguero got the ball and made a pass for Sterling to cross the ball to the center. Gundogan tied the game. After the draw, Manchester returned to the pressure they were making in the beginning of the game and made Barcelona sweat until the referee’s whistle.

Second half –

It wasn’t easy for Barça by the start of the second half, with Manchester almost scoring twice on the first minute. At five minutes, Busquets knocked David Silva in the entrance of the area and the worst came for Barcelona. On the free-kick, De Bruyne untied the game. Manchester City started to dominate the stadium.

By 19 minutes, Barcelona caused danger in the English area. Suárez stole the ball on the right, cleaned out the defense and made the pass for André Gomes who, with a free goal, kicked it in the pole. The game was complicated for both teams, with a constant danger in the areas.

The danger was so high that Manchester scored another goal. In a counter attack, De Bruyne left the ball with Navas, who launched it, but the ball hits Aguero, not getting in. On the rebound, Gundogan scores the third one.

The match was coming to an end, but Barcelona kept insisting in changing the score. But even insisting until the end was not enough for Barcelona to shake the net. At the Etihad Stadium, the FC Barcelona lost their first match in this Champions League.

Images: and AFP