Neymar Jr.

In the Champions League, Barcelona travels to Turin to face Juventus

The Champions League’s quarter finals promise many incredible duels. Among them, Barcelona will face Juventus. Neymar Jr. and his teammates will play against the Italian squad, this Tuesday (11), at the Juventus Stadium, at 15h45 (Brazilian time), in the dispute for a place in the semifinal.

The world still remembers the unbelievable 6-1 “remontada” ahead of the PSG, in the last 16, which qualified the Catalan team. With this in mind, the coach Luis Enrique and his players knows that the crowd is waiting for a show inside the pitch and they are preparing for that.

Neymar Jr. will face Juventus for the second time in his career. The first and only duel in which he participated was a historical one. In the game, the player scored the goal that closed the 3-1 victory, in the 14/15 season, which guaranteed the last piece of the Triple Crown that was missing. This time, he goes back to the field to do the same.