Neymar Jr.

In Neymar Jr.’s 100th game for La Liga, Barcelona defeats Valencia

Neymar Jr.’s 100th game in La Liga was marked by by a hard 3-0 victory fomr Barcelona against Valencia. With two goals from Messi ando ne from Luis Suárez, the team conquered the importante three points in the championship. Barça’s next challenge will be for Catalunya’s SuperCup, against Espanyol, next Tuesday (25), at Camp Nou.

First half –

On the start of the first half, Barcelona had the control of the ball, but Valência’s defenders marked too much, stopping every chance created by the Catalan team. In 20 minutes of game, there were more fouls than finalizations for both team, making the game at Mestalla tenser. But, at 22 minutes, Rakitic got the ball on the left and made the pass for Messi to open the score, with a strong kick.

After the goal, Barcelona returned with full control of the ball, this time enjoying passing the ball a little slower. At 35 minutes, Messi appeared in midfield, ran and made the pass for Suárez to kick the ball inside the area, but Valencia’s goalkeeper jumped to make a great defense. At 38, it was Neymar Jr.’s turn to make a great pass for the number nine, who saw Diego Alves defend his kick once again.

Valência seemed to hunger much more for a goal at the end of the first half, but couldn’t score. In the last extra minute, last chance of a goal, Neymar Jr. entered the area, saw the ball being launched and tried to make his first bycicle goal. It got very close, but went outside.

Second half –

The second half started with a great counter-attack for Barça. Neymar Jr. received from Luis Suárez and tried a Strong kick from outside the area. Diego Alves defended, Rakitic kicked it on the rebound, but sent it outside. Valencia didn’t like this and gave the answer at seven minutes. Parejo got the ball on the right, ran and just rolled the ball for Munir to tie the game.

But Barça’s pain would linger. With full control of the game, by 11 minutes, Nani received the ball outside the area, cleaned out the defense and launched it for Rodrigo to score. 2-1 in Mestalla. But not for long. In a corner kick from NJr, Rakitic headbutted to the goal, but Diego Alves saved it. Luis Suárez took a chance on the rebound to tie the game again.

The game’s pace fell down, but the teams hungered for more. More and more fouls happened, stopping the game regularly and not letting the game conclude itself. At 38, Suárez received a good aerial ball, tried to untie the game with his head, but sent it out. Both teams pressured too much.

In the end of the match, the best happened for Barça. Luis Suárez, in a great chance, got knocked down in the area. In the penalty kick, Messi scored, untying the game and guaranteeing the Catalan victory.

Photos: EFE e AFP