Neymar Jr.

In Copa del Rey’s quarter finals, Barcelona defeats Real Sociedad at Anoeta

Finally breaking the curse at Anoeta, Barcelona defeated Real Sociedad by 1-0, this Thursday, for Copa del Rey’s quarter finals. The game was tough, but Neymar Jr guaranteed the victory goal. Now the Catalan team returns next Sunday (22), for La Liga, to face Eibar.

First half –

At Anoeta, Barcelona began the first half dominating the pitch with ease, but the Catalan’s real challenge was breaching the defense created by Real Sociedad’s defense. At 10 minutes, Neymar Jr. took the ball alone to the area’s entrance, but missed when he when for the kick. Real played too defensively and with almost 20 minutes of game, despite Barça’s control, no goal happened.

But if the goal wasn’t coming out with the ball on the run, it came with it standing still. In the minute 20, NJr got knocked down inside the area. The player himself kicked and opened the score. After the goal, the game’s pace fell too much and both teams couldn’t find their space in the field. At 36, Real Sociedad almost tied the game, after Willian José leave the ball in Illarremendi’s foot, but he missed the shot.

With no more good opportunities and no extra minutes, the first half came to an end.

Second half –

By the start of the second galf, Anoeta got scared of the two missed chances by Barça. On the first, Neymar Jr. received it from a launch, invaded the area alone, but missed the ball. On the second, Messi left the ball in the Brazilian’s foot, who launched it back to the Argentine, but missed. Real Sociedad started to have difficulties in keeping Barcelona away.

At 62minutes it was Real Sociedad’s turn to scare Yuri Berchiche, but the athlete missed the kicked, sending it crawling outside. After the chance, Barcelona started being more careful with the ball and slowly exchanged passes to move through the pitch. As a defense, the adversary provoked more fouls ando ne of them almost resulted in a goaol from Messi, but the ball didn’t go in.

With the duel surpassing 80 minutes, Real Sociedad became protective agains and nobody broke the barrier. But without letting anyone touch the ball, Barcelona controlled the game until after the three extra minutes and finally won at Anoeta.