Neymar Jr.

FC Barcelona celebrates 116 years

Now living one of the best moments of his career, Neymar Jr. will be celebrating its fourth year of at Barcelona in 2016. Today, however, he is not only celebrating something alone, but the whole club. FC Barcelona celebrates this Sunday (29), its 116th birthday, celebrating its history.

Long before the Brazilian star wear the team 's number 11 shirt, the club went through several phases. Founded in 1899 by Joan Gamper and a group of young foreigners living in Barcelona, fans of football and other British sports, the club won an intercultural sports identity. His strong loyalty to Catalonia was also a main feature on the team.

The team began to gain strenght during the season of 1908/1909. Until 1922 the team won the title eight times and in the 1909/1910 season became an undefeated champion. In 1949 Barcelona completed 50 years of existence. Newly recovered from a civil war, now with a total of 24,893 members, the celebration was held with a tournament between Barça, the Boldklub of Denmark and Palmeiras from Brazil. The culé team emerged victorious.

With their membership increasing and more and more fans going to the team's games, the 50s was marked by a major expansion in the Camp Nou. Paradoxically, the 60's was not as good for the club in sports.

The name 'Futbol Club Barcelona', original team title, was only restored in 1973, the same time that the club implemented a policy to strengthen its Catalan identity. This year Agusti Montal Costa President was elected as president again and created the historical slogan: More than a club.

From the 80's until today, Barcelona went through several wins, losses, championships and titles to become the team they are now. Neymar Jr., who just joined the team in 2013, is more than proud to be part of a team with a classic cast and a historical trajectory. Happy birthday, Barça!