Neymar Jr.

Falamansa and Gabriel Pensador video warns of the Rio Doce disaster, with the participation of Neymar Jr.

Falamansa group, in partnership with the musician Gabriel Pensador, wrote the song 'Cacimba de Mágoa' , warning people about the tragedy in Rio Doce, in Mariana . On the recorded music video for the song, Neymar Jr. appears , giving his support.

With images from the river, of the local and even from some people who lived there, the clip is a form of tribute to the families of victims of the tragedy.

The idea is to raise funds for the ribeirinha families in order to promote community social work. Each view and download will be transformed into donations to an assistance fund for the families. Everything was organized in partnership with the Últimos Refúgios ONG and the English director Ilka Westermeyer

Besides the support of Neymar Jr., personalities such as Gabriel Medina, Grazi Massafera, Anitta, Thiaguinho and many others have decided to participate in the clip.

Want to help this action? Then click here and listen Cacimba de Mágoa!   #CacimbadeMagoa