Neymar Jr.

Brazil wins its last game of the year

The Brazil achieves a major victory on their last game of the year. This Tuesday, in a match against Peru, the National team wins by 3-0 and advances in the South American qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup. The goals were made by Douglas Costa, Renato Augusto and Filipe Luis. Their next challenge will only happen in March 2016, against Uruguay.


First half -

Betting on passing the ball, Brazil took the start of the first half. Three minutes and Guerrero scared the Brazilian area. Flamengo’s number nine came face to face with Alisson, after a failure on the defense, but the keeper took the risk made a great defense. The match continued with the slow pace during the first 20 minutes. 21 minutes and Douglas Costa opened the score for the relief of the Brazilian fans. Willian received on the Peruvian area, crossed to the middle and Douglas sent the ball to the back of the net.


Strongly marked, it became complicated for Neymar Jr. to find space. In one of these confusions, after 26 minutes, the attacker received the yellow card due to a strong rush on an adversary. 29 minutes, Peru tried to fight back, trying to cross for the area, but Alisson did well and got the ball.

With 34 minutes of game, Douglas Costa received the ball in the area, but kicked it on the goalpost, almost scoring another goal, but he was on an offside position. At 37, Neymar Jr. was the victim of another fault. With luck, Douglas Costa charged on the ball. It made a turn on the air and went straight into the goalpost again, almost scoring. The captain of the Brazilian national team got the rebound, but was blocked.

In another goal chance, near the end of the first half, Willian slipped the ball to Elias on the right and he sent it to the middle, trying to find Neymar Jr., but the striker came rushing and committed the fault. Not satisfied, in another beautiful chance, the number 10 took the ball thrown in the area, tamed it on his chest and kicked on a left-handed bicycle to the goal. Cutting the beauty play, the ball got out and the it was an offside.


After an extra minute some great moves without much danger for both teams, the referee gave the final whistle and the first half ended.

Second half -

Marked by strong fouls on the Brazilian team the second half started. At nine minutes, after a free kick from Neymar Jr., Peru frightened on a counterattack, when the ball fell to Guerrero, on the area. He tried to kick, but Alisson did well by saving the team.

As a Brazilian response, after 10 minutes, Willian received at the edge of the area and tried to kick for the goal. Penny jumped to the corner and made the complicated defense. After 12 minutes, the second goal of the game came. Douglas Costa took off from the right and rolled it to the middle. The ball went to Neymar Jr., but Renato Augusto arrived first, completing the goal.


22 minutes, Brazil scared again. The captain of the Brazilian National Team appeared to get the ball thrown on the Peruvian area. Face to face with the goalkeeper, the striker kicks it to the net, but it was an offside moment again. The Brazilian team managed the victory without complications. After 31 minutes, Filipe Luís finished the tranquility of the game. Douglas Costa tried a shot from outside the area, but Penny defended. The left-side player took advantage of the rebound to leave his mark on the game.


With the entry of Fernandinho, Oscar and Lucas Lima, the game drew to a close. Peru saw difficulty in getting to the Brazilian area. On the first of the three extra minutes, Guerrero appeared on the area and almost scored, but Gil saved the team. No more jump scares, the judge finished the last match of the year for the Brazilian National team.

Photos: Mowa Press