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Brazil scores two and defeats Venezuela at Merida

The National Brazilian Team gained the lead at the World Cup Qualifiers. The team defeated Venezuela by 2-0, this Tuesday (11), at Merida, with goals from Gabriel Jesus and Willian, conquering the fourth consecutive victory.

First half –

It didn’t take long for Brazil to open the score at the Metropolitano Stadium. By seven minutes, Gabriel Jesus took a quick chance after a mistake from the goalkeeper, kicked it up above him and shook the net. The National Brazilian Team decided to pressure more after the goal, but Always cautious, because the adversary knew how to use their advantage.

By 24 minutes, Dani Alves launched a good ball for Gabriel Jesus who, free in the area, almost headbutted the ball in, but didn’t make it. Despite having the upper hand and attacking alot, the Brazilian team took some hits from Venezuela, especially from aerial attacks.

The match was coming to na end and the rhythm fell inside the pitch, with both teams not having total control of the situation. Without further surprises the teams take the 1-0 to the dressing room.

Second half –

Second half started with another good chance lost by Gabriel Jesus. Philippe Coutinho made a good pass for the striker to kick directly to the net, but he sent it ouside. But, once again in the seventh minute, Brazil scored. Renato Augusto found Willian in the right, who made a strong kick to score.

In the following play, a corner side generated another goal, but Gabriel Jesus was offside, cancelling the goal. Venezuela didn’t like it and started to pressure the Brazilian team. By 20, Flores made a free-kick that resulted in a kick from Martinez, in the area, but Alisson defended.

Unexpectedly, by 30 minutes, a blackout left the whole stadium in the dark, forcing the game to stop for 20 minutes. When the lights returned, both teams seemed to drag the match, not creating dangerous chances and making too much fouls. After three minutes of extra time, the Brazilian team took the victory home.