Neymar Jr.

Brazil conquered its first Olympic Golden Medal in football

For the first time in the Brazilian history, the Golden meda lis ours! With a free-kick goal and the last goal scored in the penalty shot-out, Neymar Jr gave the victory to a team that fought so much to win the competition.

First half –

The referee whistles and the classic between Brazil and Germany starts. This time it’s worth the Olympic gold. Five minutes and Germany moved with more freedom in the pitch, while Brazil searched for a way to infiltrate and defended well. By 10 minutes, brandt risked outside the area and the ball exploded in the Brazilian pole.

The match was reaching its 20 minutes and the pressure ran inside the pitch. Germany kept the same behaviour than previous National teams and hunted Neymar Jr. in fouls. By 27 minutes, in a free-kick, the Brazilian capitain kicked bravely and and opened the score for the team. 1-0 at the Maracanã stadium.

In the next minute, Germany didn’t let the goal cheap and started to grow in the pitch. By 34, it was Germany’s turn to make a free-kick, but the ball hit the pole for the third time. After the pressure, Brazil got back to pass the ball and control the game.

With one minute, Brazil administered the advantage. The referee’s whistle came to soothe and the first half came to na end.

Second half –

The second half started with a good free kick for Germany, but the defenders took it away. Brazil fought for every ball, taking advantage whenever they had the ball control. By 13 minutes, Brazil started to make mistakes with the defense and Meyer took the chance to make a draw. 1-1 at Maracanã.

By 19 minutes, after a spin and a pass from renato Augusto, Luan had a great chance to score but the ball went out after the kick. And now it was Brazil who making the pressure, while the game was reaching its 30 minutes. Soon after, Walace makes a great passo to Neymar Jr., he risks a faraway kick, the ball goes out.

The game got close to the end and Brazil found more chances at goal, making pressure against Germany. During the three minutes of overtime, both teams didn’t seem to risk too much, opening space for na overtime.

Overtime 1 –

The overtime started with a good launched ball to Gabriel Jesus, by two minutes, who took too long and the defenders took it away. Luan had a similar chance by 95, but didn’t make it. The German team also took advantage of their chances sometimes and caused danger, causing danger in the area na complicating the team.

Each minute made the game harder and the pace was tense inside the pitch. Without bigger emotions, the draw 1-1 draw persisted and the first half of the overtime came to an end.

Overtime 2 –

105 minutes, Neymar Jr. Made a great pass to Felipe Anderson who, face to face with the goalkeeper, couldn’t shake the net. Brazil barricaded the pitch and tried the second goal in any way possible.

The crowd booed German team whenever they tryied touching the ball. Even though, Germany persisted and didn’t want the penalties in any way possible. By 117, Neymar Jr. found Rafinha free in the area, made the pass, but the athlete couldn’t score.

No more chances!  The decision will bem ade in the penalties.

Penalties –

Brazil tried. Tried and conquered. Got heavily criticized and turned the game around. Took a goal and reacted. In the last penalty kick, Neymar Jr. scored and, finally, conquered the first olympic gold in Brazil’s football histoty. The Golden meda lis ours!