Neymar Jr.

Barcelona wins with 4 goals against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu

One of the greatest football classics was held this Saturday (21), at the Santiago Bernabéu. Barcelona made an impressive victory against Real Madrid, winning by 4-0, maintaining its leadership on the Spanish league. Neymar Jr. and Iniesta made one goal each and Luis Suarez scored twice. Their next match will be for the Champions League, against Roma.

First half -

The crowd noise was deafening during the Classic. Every touch on the ball from one of the Barcelona and Real Madrid players Madrid generated a massive reaction on the stands. Six minutes and Barça caused tension when Luis Suarez, in the area, passed to Neymar Jr., but the Brazilian sent the ball over the network.

No time to breathe, on the eighth minute, Cristiano Ronaldo went through Barcelona’s defense on the right, made the pass for Benzema to kick, but Bravo defended wll. The crowd went wild after 10 minutes, when Sergi Roberto infiltrated the Real Madrid area and made the pass for Luis Suarez to open the score.

At 15, Iniesta made a beautiful launch for Sergi Roberto, who left the ball for Rakitic to try and shoot, but the Croatian isolated. The match was still tense for both sides, but Barcelona dominated the field. 22 minutes and, after taking a foul from James Rodriguez, Neymar Jr. made an accurate launch for the goal, that ended up being defended by Keylor Navas.

27 minutes into the game, James Rodriguez disarms Busquets the area’s entry and risks the kick, but Claudio Bravo did well to make the save. If the game started without many faults, the situation changed too much after 30 minutes. At 37, Real Madrid tried again with a cross from Modric, on the right. Barça’s defense failed, Benzema tried, but could not finish effectively.

La Liga’s top scorer left his mark at 39 minutes of game. Iniesta takes the ball and makes a nice pass for Neymar Jr. to kick in the output of Bravo, scoring the second goal of the match. The last kick of the first half came after the two minutes of extra time. Neymar Jr. passed it to Suarez, the Uruguayan finished it, but Marcelo, on the middle of the goal, headed the ball, preventing Barça’s third goal finishing the first half.

Second half -

On the second minute of the second half, Marcelo caused danger by the right of Barça’s area. He invaded the area, risked the kick, but sent it outside of the field. At four, James Rodriguez left the culé crowd breathless with a shot on the edge of the area, but Claudio Bravo saved the team again.

Barcelona responded to Real Madrid's attacks at eight minutes. Iniesta passed for Neymar Jr., who returned to the Spanish to score a great goal. With 11 minutes of game, the famous culé 'Trident' returned was complete again. Lionel Messi replaced Rakitic to mark his presence on the classic.

The game's pace seemed to diminish. Barcelona still dominated the classic and Real Madrid did not seem to find itself in the field. After 24 minutes, in a counter attack, Bale found Cristiano Ronaldo free on the area. The attacker kicked, but Claudio Bravo did well and prevented the goal.

27 minutes, Messi moved freely to the penalty box, passed to Suarez who almost scored the fourth goal. The ball went over Navas, but Sergio Ramos prevented the goal. Not satisfied, after 30 minutes, Luis Suarez picked on Alba’s pass and stood face to face with Navas. He sent it on the left corner, extending the rout.

Not wanting to leave without scoring a goal in the match, Carvajal, from Real Madrid, makes an accurate cross from the right, Benzema rises to the goal, but Bravo prevents it again. After 40 minutes, close to Real Madrid’s area, Neymar Jr. became the victim of strong faults, one of them even causing the expulsion of Isco.

Even with 10 players on the field, Real Madrid pressuring, but all their chances were stopped on the wall built by Claudio Bravo. After the two extra minutes and no more danger, the referee gave the final whistle, ending the classic.