Neymar Jr.

Barcelona turn the tides and defeats Sevilla

Sánchez Pizjuán was the stage of a very complicated game. Barcelona managed to turn the tides and defeat Sevilla at the Spanish Championship, winning the duel by 2-1. Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez guaranteed the goals of the match.

First half –

Barcelona started the match endangering the adversary’s area, with a precise shot from Luis Suárez, that got defended by Sergio Rico. Barça was insisting, but Sevilla wasn’t letting it easy, pressuring alot in the duel. So much pressure that, by 15 minutes, Vitolo ran away from the whole Catalan defense and opened the score.

The game’s rhythm remained intense after the goal, with both teams fighting for the control of the ball. Sevilla was the dominant team in the pitch and Barça couldn’t find its space to create great plays. 35 minutes into the game, Sevilla had already kicked three times in the goal and their presence in the Catalan team was almost absolute.

But, despite Sevilla’s superiority inside the pitch, they lost too many goals, giving sort of na advantage for Barça. That’s how, at 42 minutes, in fast counter-attack, Neymar Jr. got the ball, ran into the area cleaning out the defense and found Messi to tie the game, closing the first half.

Second half –

The second half started just like the first one, with both teams creating good chances right by the first three minutes. By 51 minutes, Denis Suárez stole the ball, passed to Luis Suárez, who found Messi, only to see the player sending it out. By 53, the Uruguayan left the ball with his heels for the Argentine, but he missed the shot again. Barcelona seemed stronger in the second half.

With 60 minutes of game, the both players who tried so much finally made it. Messi stole the ball in the entance of the area, waited for the right moment and made the pass for Suárez to untie the game. Sevilla didn’t like this and started to pressure again, but the Catalan defense was handling it

Sevilla scared the Catalan crowd when, by 73 minutes, in a cornerkick, Ter Stegen missed the defense while N’Zonzi tried to headbutt the ball into the goal, but sent it out. The game was running to its end and the match’s intensity didn’t fall, making the results uncertain so far.

Barça found many good chances to score, but couldn’t make the third one. After three extra minutes, the Catalan victory was guaranteed.