Neymar Jr.

Barcelona shines again and defeats Manchester City at the Camp Nou

Another rout for Barcelona! The team defeated Manchester City, this Wednesday (19), by 4-0, at the third round of the Champions League. Inspired, Messi scored three and Neymar Jr. closed the rout. Barça’s next challenge will be Valencia, next Saturday (22), in La Liga.

First half –

The first half had a complicated beggining at the Camp Nou. Both teams pressured too much and the danger of a quick goal was real on both sides of the pitch. At 16 minutes, Manchester City got bad luck. Mascherano stole the ball after a failure in the English defense and ran to the area to open the score.

After the game, Barça got comfortable again in their own home. The game’s pace alternated between slow and tense. Each player took every little chance to do something that would eventually become a goal. By 31, Neymar Jr. ran on the left and, already in the area, got knocked down, unable to kick in the net.

At 37 minutes, Manchester almost scored with kicks from Nolito and Gönigan, inside the area, forcing Ter Stegen to make great defenses to take the danger away. In the end of the first half, after Stones almot tie the game, Messi dominated the ball, ran to the area’s entrance and made the pass for Suárez to kick. The chance scared the English, but Claudio Bravo defended, ending the first part of the game.

Second half –

Manchester City started putting more pressure in the second half, but Barça was still the one who gave the orders at the Camp Nou. Five minutes and Neymar Jr. made a free-kick that almost gave Umiti a goal, but the ball went out. Soon after, by seven minutes, Claudio Bravo left his area and defended with his hand, forcing the referee to show him the red card.

Having ten players in the pitch, Manchester City took the second goal. Messi received in the area’s entrance and, even well marked by the defenders, the player made an easy kick to score his second one of the duel. Right after the goal, De Bruyne even had a chance to score the first for his team, but Ter Stegen defended again.

Over-inspired, at 23 minutes, Messi completed his hat-trick on a high note. NJr passed for Suárez, who received freely in the area’s entrance and found Messi in the center. The player just adjusted the direction of the ball to make 3-0. After the goal, Mathieu made two hard fouls, getting expelled from the pitch and leaving 10 players in each side.

The match was coming to an end, but Barça wanted more, By 36, Neymar Jr. ran to the area and placed Rakitic with the ball. The Croatian launched it back to the player, but Caballero stopped the possible fourth goal in the duel. Soon after, Kolarov knocked Messi down in the area, making the penalty. Neymar Jr. went for the kick, but the goalkeeper defended.

To redeem himself and close the rout at Camp Nou, Messi left the ball with Neymar Jr. who invaded the area, cleaned out the defenders and scored a great goal, guaranteeing another victory for the club.

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