Neymar Jr.

Barcelona scores four and defeats Granada in the Spanish Championship

This Sunday (2), Barcelona made an incredible match against Granada and won by 4-1 in the Spanish Championship. Suárez, Rakitic and Paco Alcácer made theirs, with Neymar Jr. finishing the rout with his 100th goal in oficial matches for Barça. The squad’s next duel qill be against Sevilla, this Wednesday (5), also for La Liga.

First half –

After much pacing with the ball in the pitch, the first big chance came out at six minutes, after a pass from Neymar Jr. to Suárez, but the Uruguayan did not get there in time. The minutes were passing quicly and Barcelona had difficulties in opening the score. At 24 minutes, after Njr brought the ball from the defense to the area, the player left it with Suárez, free, to kick. The ball hit the pole and on the rebound of the number 11, the flag went up.

The chances started to show up more. At 26 minutes, Neymar Jr. left the ball once again with Suárez, who had his kick defended by Ochoa, won the ball again, this time from Paco Alcácer and kicked it outside the field. The 30 minute mark was crossed and the Catalan’s pressure was absolute. Unfortunately, Ochoa was inspired today.

At 43 minutes, Neymar Jr. won a great opportunity after a beautiful pass from Rakitic. The number 11 was going to score na amazing goal, but the flag was already pointing to an offside. Speaking of amazing goals, Suárez showed up. Almost in the last minute of the first half, Jordi Alba made an impressive launch to the area, where the number 9 just had to touch the ball to finish the first half by 1-0.

Second half –

The second half did not see a nice start for the Catalan team. Soon after five minutes, in the first counter-attack from Granada in the game, Boga ran as quick as he could to beat Ter Stegen and tiw the duel. Barça did not like the tie at all and returned to the state of pressure to untie the game.

The team pressured so much that, at 19 minutes, Suárez won a dispute against a defender and launched the ball to the area, so Paco Alcácer could show up and push the ball inside the goal. The 2-1 seemed to tranquilize the game, making the goal chances appear less and less. The game crossed its 35 minutes and the Catalan squad was each minute closer to the victory.

Things got even better, at 38 minutes. Neymar Jr. invaded the adversary’s pitch, left the ball with Suárez, who just rolls it for Rakitic to kick and score the third for Barcelona. The number 11 still wanted his goal and, at 40, won the ball in the center, took it to the area, but fell to the ground. The player noticed that the game took to long to leave with the ball, recovered the play, but this time Ochoa blocked him.

But he didn’t give up. In the last minute of the duel, Suárez opened for Paco, who crossed the area with the ball and Neymar Jr. scored with his left foot, his 100th goal in oficial matches for the FC Barcelona. The player even had another chance, making it on one on one with the goalkeeper, but sent it to the pole, making the last moment of the game.

Photo: Manel Montilla