Neymar Jr.

Barcelona scored 7 and defeats Osasuna at the Camp Nou

Party at the Camp Nou! Barcelona maintained their calm this Wednesday (26) and made a 7-1 victory agains Osasuna, at the Camp Nou. Messi, André Gomes and Alcácer scored two and Mascherano closed the game. Barça's next duel will be against Espanyol, next Saturday (29), on the return of Neymar Jr.

First half –

Barcelona controlled the game at the Camp Nou, watching Osasuna defending themselves during the first 10 minutes. But few things happened and the game remained calm. But not so calm to the adversary. After a mistaken pass from Osasuna’s defense, Messi stole the ball, controlled it with his head and kicked it above the goalkeeper to open the score.

After the goal, the game followed tight for Osasuna. The clock hit 25 minutes and Barcelona’s pressure in the adversary’s area was complete. At 29, stealing yet another ball in the defense, Messi scared the goalkeeper with a bomb from outside the area, but sent it out. But the crowd did not have to wait too much to watch another goal. Rakitic carried the ball from the right and crossed it through everyone, finding André Gomes’ foot to shake the net.

At 36 minutes, still pressuring Osasuna, Mascherano managed to make a beautiful launch to the area, where Turan jumped to hit the ball with his head. He did not reach it and lost his chance. After the play, the Catalans stepped away from the accelerator and just administered the game until the whistle finished the first half.

Second half –

The second half started with a surprise. In a free-kick, Torres scored a goal for Osasuna. The Catalans did not like it and pressured again. At five minutes, Mascherano took a chance on a launched ball in the area, but sent it out. Barça remained creating many chances and the score board did not stop there.

At 12 minutes, taking another chance on a launched ball. Pique kicked, but the goalie defended. In the rebound André Gomes made his second. From there on, Barça was on fire. At 15, Messi scored another one out of the area, before being replaced by Aleña and at 18, Turan passed for Alcácer to score. Even Mascherano's first goal happened, on a penalty kick that Denis Suárez suffered.

With the scoreboard already guaranteed, the opportunities started to lack, but the victory was already on its way. And to close the rout with a golden key, Denis Suárez left the ball with Paco. He got rid of the defenders, dribbled the goalkeeper and shook the net, finalizing the victory by 7-1.