Neymar Jr.

Barcelona makes a rout against Alavés at the Mendizorroza

The FC Barcelona made na incredible match at Mendizorroza, making a 6-0 rout on the Spanish Championship. Luis Suárez. Scored twice, Messi one, Neymar Jr. made another, Rakitc also made one and there was even na own goal. Now Barcelona has to prepare for a great challenge in Paris, next Tuesday (14), against PSG, in La Liga.

First half –

Barcelona formed their plays through quick passes from the first minute. The first finalization came after Neymar Jr. found Messi infiltrating himself through the left, but Fernando Pacheco defended the good kick. After the finalization, the game began to suffer a lack of plays in both áreas, with Alaves becoming na extremely closed out team.

The match surpassed 20 minutes and despite the Catalan pressure, Barça couldn’t penetrate the wall created by Alavés. At 26, Theo ran a conter-attack, outran Digne, but Ter Stegen defended what could’ve been the first goal of the duel. The culés controlled Mendizorroza, but Alavés defended it with their lives.

But, at 36, the goal finally came. Barça built their play with Neymar Jr., leaving with Rakitic, then Aleix Vidal to launch for Luis Suárez to open the score. Not taking too long to score the next one, at 40 minutes, Messi tried the assistance to Suárez, but the Uruguayan touched the ball with his head. On the rebound, Njr was there to socre and finish the first half soon after.

Second half –

The second half began with Barça pressuring Alavés, making trouble for the adversary’s defense. So much trouble that, at 59 minutes, the only member of the MSN Trio that didn’t score, guaranteed his. Messi won the ball in the area’s entrance, fooled the defenders and kicked to make his third one.

With Messi’s goal, the a faucet of goals was open at Mendizorroza. At 63, Messi stole the ball in the area’s entrace once again, but before he finished his kick, Alaves’ defenders pushed the ball to the net and made an own goal. One minute later, Suárez invaded the area on the right, but lost the ball, unintentionally leaving it for Rakitic to score another. The sixth and final goal came at 67 minutes, after Neymar Jr. had his kick defended and Suárez was on the rebound to take the chance.

Alavés stopped trying to contain Barcelona and the Catalan team had taken its foot out of the accelerator. The game remained with a slow pace and both teams contained themselves, not creating great plays and generating good opportunities. The referee gave the final whistle and the 6-0 was stamped at Mendizorroza’s scoreboard.

Photos: Pep Morata and AFP