Neymar Jr.

Barcelona had a tough game and tied the game against Real Sociedad at Anoeta

Barcelona had another hard game at Anoeta. This Sunday (27), the Catalan team made a 1-1 draw against Real Sociedad, outside home. With yet another assist from Neymar Jr., Messi guaranteed the only goal of the team. Barça will return to the pitch next Wednesday (30), in Copa del Rey’s second round, against Hercules.

First half –

Real Sociedad started the first half with a high pressure at Anoeta. The Catalan team had difficulty in crossing the midfield and the ball hardly left the adversary’s feet. At 14 minutes, Ter Stegen had to save the team, after a chance from Prieto, in the small area. At 17, Prieto had the same chance, but sent it out this time. Real Sociedad was the game’s leader.

25 minutes of game and Real Sociedad had kicked five times in Barça’s goal, while the MSN trio did not kick once. At 35, after a corner kick, the team of the house had another good chance with a kick from outside the área from Oyarzabal, but sent it out. Barcelona had a hard day at Anoeta.

The only good opportunities the Azulgrana team had were at the end, with two corner kicks made by Neymar Jr. On the first, the player launched it and Mascherano came running, but sent it out. In the second try, Real Sociedad’s defense took the danger away. After the only extra minute, came the end of the first half.

Second half –

In the second half, Barça tried to clean the apathy from the first half. 50 minutes of game and Suárez got knocked down. Neymar Jr. made the free kick and almost scored, if it wasn’t for Rulli’s defense. As an answer, at 54, Piqué misses the ball recovery, Vela gets it, kicks it and Ter Stegen defends it. On the rebound, Willian José opens the score. 1-0 for Real Sociedad.

But Barça wouldn’t let the game get easy. At 60 minutes, Neymar Jr. received the ball on the left, outran both defenders, made a great pass and Messi kicked to tie the game. 1-1 at Anoeta. With a better performance from the Catalan team, the match got harder.

At 75, the Catalan crowd got scared. In the area’s entrance, Carlos Vela kicked, the ball hit the pole, Juanmi took the chance and scored the goal that got anulated by the referee. Both teams sought a victory in any way possible, making the result something uncertain at 80 minutes.

But Real Sociedad’s pressure was bigger. From 80 minutes to the final moments of the match, the owner of the house invaded and kicked at the Catalan goal’s direction many times, not being able to untie. After the referee’s whistle, the game came to a tied end.