Neymar Jr.

Barcelona defeats Sevilla and continues in the fight for La Liga’s leadership

The FC Barcelona made another incredible match this Wednesday (5), at the Camp Nou. The team defeated Sevilla by 3-0 and gained the momentary leadership of the championship. Luis Suárez scored his goal and Messi made two in the duel. The Catalan team is going to another confrontation for the Spanish Championship, this time against Malaga, next Saturday (8).

First half –

The first 10 minutes saw Barcelona crush Sevilla in pressure. The adversary tried to return to the pitch, but only caused danger in counter-attacks. At 21 minutes, after exchanging the ball a lot, Iniesta made a nice pass to Sergi Roberto, infiltrating from the right, who launched it to the area, but Messi lost the chance. But the pressure worked.

At 25 minutes, Rakitic won a ball for Messi, who took it to the area and launched it. The ball went up and Suárez, with a bicycle kick, opened the score. And it didn’t stop there. Soon after, Rakitic, again, appeared midfield to give the ball to Neymar Jr. The number 11 took it to the area, passed, Suárez returned it and Messi came out of nowhere to score.

Sevilla shrinked so much in the pitch, that Barça found space for another goal. At 33 minutes, the Catalan pressure confused the defense, Pareja made a mistake in the defense and Messi, in a small breach, kicked to score the third for the team.

After the goal, the players took their feet out of the accelerator and only managed the ball at the Camp Nou. The referee whistled and Sevilla could breathe.

Second half –

The squad returned to the second half hungry for more goals and the pressure they made in the first half did not stop. Sevilla tried to react, but the seemed frozen in the pitch. At 17 minutes, the squad created a good chance from the right, with Mariano, but Ter Stegen defended the kick.

Meanwhile, Barça did not stop their strikes. At 23 minutes, Messi received a ball from Paco Alcácer, who recently substituted Suárez, and took it to the area. The Argentine left Iniesta face to face with the goal, but the Spanish player did not reach the ball.

The duel was coming to an end and the Catalan team remained in control of the Camp Nou, dribbling the defense and exchanging passes. Neymar Jr. wanted to score his goal in any way possible, but he did not make it today. In the last good chance that the team had, the number 11 advanced through the center and, free, he kicked furiously to the goal. Unfortunately, the net was not shaken and the game was finished.

Photo: Paco Largo