Neymar Jr.

Barcelona defeats Real Sociedad and qualifies for Copa del Rey’s semifinal

This Thursday (26), Barcelona managed to get an important 5-2 victory against Real Sociedad, qualifying themselves to Copa del Rey’s semifinals. Denis Suárez (twice), Luis Suárez, Messi and Arda Turan guaranteed the rout. The catalan team returns to the pitch next Sunday (28), for a duel against Eibar, for La Liga.

First half –

The important match at the Camp Nou had already surpassed 10 minutes without no dangerous kick on both sides. At 12, Neymar Jr. won the first dgood ball against Real Sociedad, but when he launched it, the defenders got it. And at 16 minutes, the adversary’s net shook. After a good play that started on Umtiti, the ball fell in Luis Suárez’s foot and he gave it to Denis Suárez to open the score.

But after the goal, Barcelona started to face bigger difficulties while trying to penetrate Real Sociedad’s barrier. The game left the 35 minutes mark and the azulgrana squad, even with total control of the ball, couldn’t find the space to kick it.

With the first half coming to an end and after a few confusions due to some fouls, the referee decided to finish the first step of the duel with only one extra minute.

Second half –

The begining of the second half was marked by many fouls that crooked the game’s pace. At 52, Willian José almost tied the game for Real Sociedad, after taking a shot in Vela’s rebound, but Cillessen was there to stop it. Barcelona did not seem to like the adversary’s strenght and gave it back, soon after a penalty in Neymar Jr. Messi scored the second for the squad.

But at 61 minutes, Real Sociedad tied it. Iñigo Martínez gave a beautiful pass for Juanmi, who dribbled Cillessen and scored. The 2-1 tied the duel due to the outside home goal scored by Barça. Two minutes later and Luis Suárez took the worrirf faces away from the crowd. As an answer to the previous goal, Messi stole a difficult ball in midfield and passed it for Suárez to score the third one.

Everything seemed well for Barcelona, until Real Sociedad decided to take that away, after Willian José scored with his head, taking the chance on a corner-kick. But the turn of events kept going after Neymar Jr. got substituted by Arda Turan. At 80 minutes, Aleix Vidal gained the ball on the right, launched it to the center and Arda Turan scored. Soon after, Messi created a play that placed Denis Suárez face to face with the goalkeeper, making it the fifth goal of the team.

They seemed tired, but Real Sociedad’s team tried until the end. Without any more chances, Barcelona’s victory placed them in Copa del Rey’s semifinals.