Neymar Jr.

Barcelona bids farewell to 2016 scoring 4-0 against Betis

Giving a beautiful happy New Year to the crowd, the Barcelona players made their last 2015 game this Wednesday (30) and gave a brilliant in farewell to the year. The team won from Betis by 4-0, with two goals from Suarez, one from Messi and an own goal from Westermann, of Betis. The team’s first challenge in 2016 will be Espanyol, on January two.

First half -

The game at Cornellà began calmly. Barcelona kepts their feet on the ball, while Betis was closed, preventing submissions from the Catalan team. During the first 20 minutes, the MSN trio tried to penetrate the enemy defenses in every way, but they were constantly blocked.

After 22 minutes, Dani Alves failed to leave the right side and lost the ball to Ceballos. The player takes to the area, comes face to face with Bravo, but misses the the kick. On the counter attack, at 25, Messi finds Suarez on the left, who crosses for Neymar Jr. to try and head the ball to the goal, but the keeper defends it.

On the next minute, Adán comes out of goal to defend a crossed ball by Busquets and takes a bump on Messi. The judge considers the move as a penalty. In the penalty, Neymar Jr. kicks it on the crossbar, the rebound turns to Rakitic, but Westermann, inadvertently, pushes the ball into the net, opening the score for Barcelona.

Amid a confusion of fouls and yellow cards, Neymar Jr. breaks into the area after 33 minutes, plays passes with Messi and the Argentine completes it for the goal, expanding to the culé team. Not letting Betis breathe, with 39 minutes, Barça’s number 10 goes to Suárez, coming in on the right. The Uruguayan dribbles the goalkeeper, but ends up sending it out.

The movements of the final minutes of the first half were very thin. Betis’ marking troubled Barcelona and they failed to score the third goal. After 47 minutes, the referee whistled, announcing the break.

Second half –

The second half began with advantage for Barcelona. Right in the second minute, the ball fell to Luis Suarez outside the area. He led it to the area with ease and scored to make it 3-0 for the Culé team. Not satisfied, after five minutes, Suarez broke through on the right and tried to cut to the middle, but Adam did well and made the defense.

After 15 minutes, Neymar Jr. received the ball on the left, crossed for Messi, who tried the shot, but was caught by the defense. On the next minute, the 11 shirt had his chance to score. Finding himself free in the area, the Brazilian kicks in Adam output, but ends up hitting the post again.

24 minutes, Messi appears to scare the Betis’ crowd once again. On the edge of the area, the Argentine kicked. The ball almost goes in, but Adán defended, and the ball hit the post, going out. At 26, Neymar Jr. crosses from the left, Daniel Alves receives and sends it to the area. The ball went straight on the post, Suparez tried to rebound, but arrived too late.

In a corner kick, in the 35th minute, Betis came close to scoring their first in the game. The ball goes toward Pezzella, that, free in the area, tried the kick, but makes it too strong and sends it outside the field. Barcelona made their comeback after 38 minutes. Suárez exchanged passes with Neymar Jr. on the edge of the area and the Brazilian made a heel pass for the Uruguayan to finalize it with his second goal in the game.

At the end of the second extra minute, Barcelona accelerated to try and make their fifth, but it didn’t work out. Without much novelty, the judge whistles and Barcelona finishes 2015 with 180, breaking the record of most goals in one year. Visca Barça!