Neymar Jr.

Barcelona beats Athletic Bilbao by 6-0

With a massacre at the Camp Nou, Barcelona beat Athletic Bilbao this Sunday (17). By 6-0, with goals from Messi, Neymar Jr, Rakitic and three from Suárez, the blaugrana team progresses in the league. The next match will be against Athletic again, this time in the Copa del Rey.

First half –

FC Barcelona dominated the first 15 minutes. After 3 minutes, Suarez comes out face to face with the goalkeeper Iraizoz, tripping the number 9 in the small area. Messi, on the penalty shot opens the score for Barça. Trying to even things in the 14th minute, De Marcos gets the ball in the back of Alba, goes face to face with the goalkeeper, but Bravo throws himself on the ball, blocking the counterattack.

The Barcelona attacked over and over and the ball did not come out of Athletic Bilbao area. After 22 minutes, the ball fell on Neymar Jr.’s feet. He broke into the penalty area, dribbled to kick it, but ended up kicking on the hands of the keeper. Soon after, Suarez missed a chance in a similar bid and Rakitic, after dominating the intersection of NJR, sent the ball just over the crossbar.

After 30 minutes, Neymar Jr. marked his. Messi passed for Suarez, who finds the number 11 on the left, making the pass for the player to score. The crowd was going crazy with Barcelona in control of the field. 41 minutes, Messi made a beautiful free kick that almost led to the third goal, but did not enter.

The culé team kept pushing and trying to score another, but after a minute of injury time, the first time was over.

Second half –

The second half started with an exchange of passes between Neymar Jr. and Luis Suarez. The ball ended at the foot of the Uruguayan, who scored the third goal. After the third goal of the match, the game slowed up, despite the eternal pressure of Barça against Athletic Bilbao.

At 16, Neymar Jr. decided to warm up game. Starting from the middle of the field, dodging the markers, the player goes to the bottom line, roll the ball and Rakitic just push the ball inside. 4-0 for the blaugrana team. 23 minutes into the game, Arda Turan made a nice launch for Suárez, who picked up on his chest and scored his second in the game.

As in the first half, the ball rarely left the Bilbao area, leaving Barcelona at the helm of confrontation. After 37 minutes, Luis Suarez completed his hat-trick. The Uruguayan received a cross between Busquets and headed it, sending  it in the goal corner.

Completing the massacre, to the delight of the crowd, the second time is up and Barcelona left the field victorious.