Neymar Jr.

Barcelona and Villarreal tied the game in La Liga

In the first game of the Spanish Championship of the year, Barcelona tied the game by 1-1 against Villarreal, this Sunday (8). Sansone opened the score and Messi tied the game for Barça, guaranteeing the result. Now Barcelonareturns to the pitch next Wednesday (11), for Copa del Rey, against Athletic Bilbao.

First half –

Soon by two minutes, despite Villarreal’s pressure in the Catalan area, it was Barça, with Iniesta, who gave the first dangerous kick. Both teams played very offensively and marked too much, making the match much more tense. At eight minutes, both teams almost scored. In Villarreal’s area, Messi left the ball in Neymar Jr.’s foot, but the goalkeeper blocked the goal. As for Barça’s area, J. dos Santos took the chance on a launch and kicked, but sent it out.

The game surpassed 15 minutes and the squads kept searching for space inside the pitch. And while Barça had the control of the ball, Villarreal reigned as the most dangerous team in the pitch. At 23 minutesm Digne left Neymar Jr. in good chance to kick from outside the area, but when he did, it crawled outside. The Catalan team was the tactician inside the field, but the adversary created a wall ahead of the squad.

The first half was coming to an end and the pace fell too much, with both teams lacking in creativity. At 42 minutes, Neymar Jr. got the ball on the left and gave na incredible pass to Suárez, who kicked it out. At 45 minutes, after much tension, the first step came to na end.

Second half –

Villarreal started more defensive than the first half, but soon changed this at 50 minutes. Pato received on the left and made the pass for Sansone to score. Soon after, Barça almost responded with a draw. Neymar Jr. got knocked down close to the area ando n the kick, Messi gave a light pass for the number 11 to score, but the goalkeeper blocked again.

With 60 minutes, Barça tried everything in their arsenal, but the goal seemed like a distant thing. Villarreal got back to its defensive methods, while the Catalan squad kept fighting. At 73 minutes, NJr left Messi with the chance of a draw, but in the kick, the ball touched Bruno’s hand and went outside. The referee didn’t whistle a penalty.

The game got close to the end and even with a bunch of chances, Barcelona couldn’t shake the net once. At 83 minutes, Neymar Jr. got the ball and, even very well marked, managed to launch it in the area for Ardan Turan to score. The turkish sent it out, missing a good chance.

But even when everything seemed lost, Messi was there. After taking a foul in the area’s entrance, the number 10 kicked and tied the game for Barcelona, closing the duel by 1-1.

Images: Marca and Sport