Neymar Jr.

Atletico Madrid eliminates Barcelona from the Champions League

Sad moment for the Catalan team. This Wednesday (13), at Vicente Calderón, Atlético Madrid won from Barcelona by 1-0, eliminating the team from the current edition of the Champions League. Still maintaining chances to win the other two championships, Barça comes back to the Spanish Championship, this Sunday (17), for a duel against Valencia.

First half –

The first half at Vicente Calderón was tense. Both teams held themselves and did not advance too much, but they kept pressuring on the adversary’s area. During the first 20 minutes, no team had a good chance to score a goal and the game kept on without big emotions.

30 minutes and the fouls happened more and more. The game felt closed out, with Atlético and Barça seeking space to score. But the worst happened by 35. Saúl, after receiving a good pass, crosses to Griezmann who, free on the area, opens the score with his head.

By 41, on the area’s entry, Neymar Jr. saw a chance to kick. The kick was righteous, but the goalkeeper was more, defending the chance. With the entire Atletico Madrid team on the defense, Barcelona did not make a draw and the first half came to an end.

Second half –

The second half started with Atletico Madrid’s total pressure. Suffocated in the area, Barcelona attacked with difficulty.  By 14 minutes, Barcelona almost scored, after a cross from Jordi Alba, on the right and Piqué on the area. But on the final kick, Gabi appeared to make the cut.

Close to 20 minutes, after some alterations, the Catalan team seemed to wake up. The team had more and more chances to goal, but it was hard to shake the net. The game was drawing to a close and Atletico Madrid kept the advantage.

Barcelona’s bad luck got worst after a beautiful play by Filipe Luis. The Brazilian tried to make a pass on the area, but the ball caught on Iniesta’s hand, making it a penalty. On the free-kick Griezmann closes the scoreboard.

Despite Barça’s pressure and the penalty that the judge did not give, Atletico got the best out of it and it was the end for Barcelona on this Champions League.