Neymar Jr.

A brief history of Neymar Jr. on Champions League

The current Champions League season is going for its fifth round. Neymar Jr. and his partners are seeking the crown once again. Barça’s number 11 became one of the highest top scorers of last season’s championship and, with and agenda filled with important games ahead, he aims on doing it again.

On total, the player participated on 26 Championhos League matches with Barça. His debut on the dispute was back in september of 2013, against Ajax, at Cam Nou, but his presence didn’t last long. With only one goal for the season and five games, Barcelona was eliminated on the quarter-finals, by Atlético Madrid, on a game that finished on 1-0.

On his second season, the player had a different performance. A much better one. On the nine games he played, Neymar Jr. won seven games and only lost twice with Barcelona. Barça’s 11 was so important on the 2014/2015 Champions that he was among the three best goal scorers of the championship, along with Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner, Lionel Messi, with 10 scored goals.

Among his best performances, its worth highlighting his participation on the fouth match against Paris Saint-Germain, at Camp Nou, where the player scored two goals and the second game against Bayern Munch, at the adversary’s home, where he also scored Barça’s two goals on the duel ended by 3-2. At the final match, against Juventus, NJr left his mark with a goal on the game’s last moment.

The catalan team’s next challenge is Rome. This will only be their fifth game on this Champions League’s season. Barcelona won three games and had one draw. Neymar Jr. remains with two goals on the dispute, right behind Luis Suárez, with three. The league is only at the beginning and there’s a lot to happen, but NJr will always be in search of his best possible performance.