Neymar Jr.

25 Curiosities - #NJr25

Happy birthday, Neymar Jr.! This February fifth, the player completes 25 years of life, football and “ousadia e alegria”. To celebrate his new age and the athlete’s career in and outside of the pitch, we made a list with 25 curiosities about Neymar Jr.

25. 25 years old: 504 matches, 306 goals, 167 assistances and 21 titles. What does the future hold for the player now?

24. Njr is one of the six Brazilians that are champions of both Copa Libertadores da America and the Champions League (The others are Dida, Roque Júnior, Cafu, Ronaldinho Gaúcho and Danilo).

23. He was also one of Champions League 2014/2015’s season biggest top-scorers (10 goals) and became the second player ever to score on the finals of both competitions.

22. The athlete has also worked as an actor! He was featured in Rede Globo’s soap operas (Like ‘Malhação’, ‘Amor a Vida’ and ‘Regra do Jogo), in music videos (Like Karen K, Alexandre Pires and Thiaguinho’s videos) and even appeared on a scene with Samuel L. Jackson, in the new Triple X: Reactivated movie.

21. The gold medal achievement in Rio 2016’s Olympic Games touched the player so much that he even tattooed the Olympic Rings in his arm.

20. He’s also the owner of the fastest goal in the history of the Olympic Games (14 seconds) and the second biggest top-scorer of the Brazilian Olympic Team, along with Romario, with seven goals.

19. Barça’s number 11 has a dog named Poker. The dog has his own Barcelona shirt and even an Instagram page. Check it out: @poker_thedog.

18. Neymar Jr. considers his friends, Robinho and Messi, his biggest idols in football.

17. The player’s favorite hero is Batman.

16. And speaking of heroes, his favorite series are about super heroes, like Flash and Gotham. But the athlete is a big fan of other series like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things.

15. Will Smith is Neymar Jr.’s favorite actor.

14. Neymar Jr.’s favorite food is: Rice, beans, fried potatoes and meat.

13. Barça’s number 11 wear 8,5 shoes, but his left foot is almost half centimeter smaller than the right one.

12. Everyone knows that the player loves playing poker with his friends, but now he’s found another favorite activity to do during his free time. Using the BaTmAn*LoKo profile as his user name, Neymar Jr. has more than 354 hours of playtime in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game.

11. Njr is known for having played with the shirts number 7, 10 and 11. But back in Santos FC, he was the number 17 for three matches, starting in February 7 of 2010. His last game with this shirt was in February 18 and on the 24th, he entered the pitch wearing the number 11.

10. In the 16th episode of Simpson’s 25th season, the number 10 of the National Brazilian Team became an animated character in the series. The episode also sort of “predicted” that he would suffer a severe injury during 2014’s World Cup and, well… You know the rest.

9. Putting on a party and everything, the first version of Neymar Jr.’s official site was released back in 25/10/2010.

8. Since his professionalization in 2009, Neymar Jr. helped every team he played for in winning many titles, like the Copa Libertadores, the Champions League, Confederations Cup and many more. But even though he stayed long enough in Santos FC, he never managed to win the Brazilian Championship.

7. He scored 19 goals with his head, 217 with his left foot, 67 with his right foot, 1 with his chest, 1 with his ankle and even one with his knee... But even though he did try, he never scored a goal with a bicycle kick.

6. His Instagram profile is the 14th most followed one in the app.

5. While playing for Santos FC, back in 2010, Neymar Jr. became a toy figure for the first time.

4. His 100th goal was scored back in his 20th birthday, in 2012, when he opened the score in a match between Palmeiras and Santos, in the Paulista Championship.

3. Neymar Jr. has more than 30 tattoos throughout his whole body.

2. With 50 goals in 75 matches, the number 10 of the National Brazilian Team is the third biggest top-scorer in the history of the team. This year, he might surpass Romario’s number during the 2018’s World Cup Qualifiers.

1. One of his biggest dreams is to win a World Cup. Will he pull it out when he turns 26?