Neymar Jr.

With one less player, Barcelona loses to Malaga

The FC Barcelona missed the chance to take the lead in La Liga. This Saturday (8), the team lost to Malaga by 2-0. Neymar Jr. received a red card in the match and will be out of the next match of the championship. The next challenge of the Catalans will be on April 11th, against Juventus, for the Champions League.

First half -

During the first 10 minutes of game, the crowd at La Rosaleda saw a beautiful Exchange os passes from the Catalan team, who created its playes with ease. At 15 minutes, in Barça’s first great chance, Kameni appeared. Jordi Alba launched na incredible ball to the adversary area, where Suárez went for the kick, but the goalkeeper blocked the shot. At 18, Kameni blocked another beautiful launch, this time from the Uruguayan, on the left.

21 minutes and the 0-0 prevailed. Messi fell in the area’s entrance and almost shook the net in the free-kick, but sent it outside. The Argentine wanted to play and, after a pass from Mascherano, created an incredible play that left Andre Gomes face to face with Kameni. The Portuguese lost his balance and lost the chance.

Meanwhile, Malaga defended and waited for their chance. At 32, the chance appeared. A hole in the Catalan defense allowed Sandro Ramírez to receive the ball freely. He ran from the defense and opened the score at La Rosaleda. The game got tenser. Barcelona started to pressure. But it wasn’t enough, as the first half was over.

Second half –

Barcelona returned to the second half with Iniesta and Sergi Roberto, trying to accelerated the match. With many fouls happening, the referee cut the duel in whistles, disturbing the idea of acceleration. Meanwhile, Malaga organized them selves and, at 11 minutes, scared Barça when Sandro ran and passed to Juanpi. Ter Stegen had to defend.

At 18 minutes, Messi threw the ball to Suárez, who was free in the area, but delayed to kick. The Uruguayan forwarded to the center and Neymar Jr. headed out. The player had already taken a yellow card for tying the boots close to a free-kick and received a surprise after a clash with Camacho. The number 11 took a red card and will be out of the next match.

Lacking one man in the pitch, Barça depended only in themselves to get, at least, a tie, but things were not easy. The team had difficulties in creating conclusive plays and the defeat was taking shape. At 33, Sergi fell inside the area, but the referee saw a foul. On the free-kick, Messi sent it on the barrier.

The Catalan team tried until the end, but did not make it. At 43, Mascherano penetrated a pass in the center of the area and Sergi kicked to almost score, if it weren’t by Kameni. With many mistakes, Malaga did not forgive. At 45, Jony received from Fornals, after a bad pass from Busquets and, free in the area, scored, finishing the duel.

image: Mundo Deportivo