Neymar Jr.

The second edition of Neymar Jr’s Five comes to an end

The second edition of Neymar Jr's Five, the finale was held this Saturday (8), in the fields of Instituto Neymar Jr. With the presence of Neymar Jr., his friends and his family. Romania was the big winner of the Red Bull tournament and had an incredible afternoon with the player.

The octaves of the tournament began in the morning in the Institute, with great games like Brazil and Austria, Portugal and Mexico and Italy and Switzerland. Throughout the day, several teams were scoring and disqualifying until the final between Romania and England. There were 32 games in total, full of goals. After beating England 1-0, the Tao United team became the champion. The captain of the team, said very happy and very happy for the opportunity.

Neymar Father, who was attending the son's team rostrum, stated that he was very proud to have such an event for the second time at the Institute. "In the first edition we started with 47 countries and today we reach 53, more than 100 thousand participants in this event and today, in the final, we have 341 athletes from all over the world. It’s an honor for us as an institution. It’s a union of people, as all cultures are here today. Thank God, it is with honor and pride that we can say that the event is a success."

After the great final, it was Neymar Jr.'s turn and his team to get on the field. His four 'parças' were the first members to play, with Gabriel Jesus and French player Djibril Cissé entering the field on Monday. It was a great party attended not only by the finalists of the tournament, who received the trophy by the hands of the Brazilian star, but also by a few children and families of the INJr.

For Neymar Jr., the second Red Bull event at his Institute was great. "I’m happy for having the Neymar Jr’s Five here at the Instituto for a second time. Receiving players from all over the world in the neighbourhood where I grew up. That makes me really happy."

The player also commented about the team he brought for the second edition. “It always has to be the five of us, right? But today I decided to spice things up and I had to call Jesus and then Cissé.”

The second edition of Neymar Jr´s Five was a success and the sports director of the event, Johnny Hurtle, praized the importance of Neymar Jr’s collaboration in the final prize and for the players. “Neymar Jr. is a huge influence all over the world, you know? How he plays, how his values are with his family and I think this is great. The people actually can see what a great character he is and what a nice family can experience here.”t