Neymar Jr.

The National Brazilian Team scores four and defeats Uruguay at the Centenario

And the invencibility of tite’s team remains untouchable! After a hard game against Uruguay, this Thursday (23), The National Brazilian Team won by 4-1 at the Centenario and became the winner once again at the World Cup Qualifiers. Paulinho’s hat-trick and a goal from Neymar Jr. guaranteed the victory. Next Tuesday (28), at the Arena Corinthians, Brazil returns to the pitch to face the Paraguay.

First half –

The great classic between Brazil and Uruguay started at the Centenario. Soon at four minutes, after exchanging the ball alot, Neymar Jr. dashed quickly, leaving Coutinho with the ball. The number 11 passed to Firmino, who did not reach in time for the goal. The game remained quiet, until Alisson knocked down Cavani in the Brazilian area. The Uruguayan kicked, the goalkeeper went to the right side, but the ball went in.

After Uruguay’s goal, Brazil felt pressured and had difficulties in striking.But, at 18 minutes, Neymar Jr. got the ball on the left, found Paulinho free, made the pass and the midfielder launched a bomb to tie the game. With the tie, the game returned to its original state, with the best  Brazilian plays coming out from the left.

At 36 minutes, after a foul commited by Renato Augusto, Uruguay had a chance to score on a kick that placed the ball in Godín’s head, but he missed. The first half was coming to na end and it seemed that things were going to stay tied.

Second half –

At five minutes, the first chance of untying was born on a free-kick from Neymar Jr., that got deffended by the goalkeeper. But it didn’t take long for the second Brazilian goal to come out. At seven minutes, after a kick from Firmino, Martín Silva deffended again, leaving an open rebound for Paulinho to score again.

But Uruguay did not let the rhythm fall. At 16 minutes, Cavani made a beautiful free-kick that also forced Alisson to make a beautiful defense. Soon after, in a corner-kick, the Brazilian goalkeeper had to save the team from a draw again, defending a chance from Stuani. The team pressured, while Brazil tried to recover the control of the ball.

But luck was on Brazil’s side. At 29 minutes, after receiving a launched ball from Miranda, Neymar Jr. protected the ball from Coates and sent kicked above the goalkeeper, scoring his first goal against the main Uruguayan National Team.

After the number 10’s goal, the squad let loose, leaving Uruguay cornered. And to close with a Golden key, in the last extra minute, Daniel Alves received the ball inside the area and launched it for Paulinho to push it to the goal with his chest. Hat-trick for the man and end of story at the Centenario.