Neymar Jr.

The National Brazilian Team defeats Cameroon by 1-0 and conquers a victory on their last game of the year

The last game of the Brazilian Team was hard. On this Tuesday (20), the team defeated Cameroon by 1-0 in their last game of the year. Richarlison scored the only winning goal.

First half –

The start of the first half was very cold in the pitch. Both teams searched their spaces, testing each other. But in the seventh minute, to the sadness of Brazilian fans, Neymar Jr. was injured and was forced to be replaced by Richarlison in his last match of the year with Brazil.

At the 13th minute, Willian took a good foul, which had an address, but the goalkeeper Onana defended. At 20, Willian received on the right and sent it to Firmino that, face to face with the goalkeeper, he saw his shot blocked. After the chance, other opportunities were rare.

Then, at the end, on the 44th minute, at a corner-kick from Willian, Richarlison jumped higher than everyone to open the score and close the first half.

Second half –

The second half was entirely for the Brazilian National Team. The Cameroon team failed and the Brazilian team took advantage of that. After seven minutes, Onana fumbled in the defense and fell out of the area. Gabriel Jesus took the leftovers, but he sent it the pole. The game was over 20 minutes, just getting colder and colder.

On 22nd minute, in one of the few good chances of the second half, Arthur sent a bomb out of the area, but Onana made another great defense. With few fouls and few good chances, the pace of the game was falling. the team’s strikes were getting smaller and smaller. At 40, trying to cheer the game up, Alan was free to face the goalkeeper, but his shot was blocked.

Without any more chances, the Brazilian Team finished its last game of 2018 by 1 to 0.