Neymar Jr.

The MSN Trio guarantees the team’s place for Champions League’s quarterfinals

Unbeaten, the FC Barcelona classified themselves the Champions League’s next phase. The team defeated Arsenal, by 3-1, with goals from Neymar Jr., Luis Suárez and Messi, guaranteeing their place on the quarterfinals. Now Barça will face Villarreal, this Sunday (20), for the Spanish Championship.

First half –

The first tem minutes of the match were tense. The two teams were trying to penetrate the defenses, but did not risk too much. Arsenal, with difficult, was trying to breach the area, risking much more than Barça, but without success. By 17, Neymar Jr. made an incredible launch that left the ball at Messi’s foot. Free on the area, Messi tried, but did not do well and the goalkeeper got the ball.

Arsenal tried, but did not resist for much longer. By 18 minutes, Suárez made a pass to Neymar Jr., which got into the area and kicked when Ospina left the goal. Barça opened the score at Camp Nou. Barcelona did not give Arsenal a break and the ball hardly left the English area.

On the last moments of the match, Arsenal pressured Barça and scared the crowd in some opportunities. Despite the pressure, the English did not score and the first half finished with the advantage for the catalan team.

Second half –

By five minutes, Arsenal got what they were wanting ever since the first half. Sánchez passed to Elnenny in the area, who kicked and scored in the angle. Bracelona fought to score the second, but the defense stopped their chances.

By 19, Daniel Alvez saw Suárez free in the area and made the cross. The Uruguayan, with a volley, made a beautiful goal for the team. The flow of the match did not get cold, even with the English team in disadvantage regarding their classification to the next game.

Arsenal almost made a draw by 34 minutes, Alexis Sánchez made the perfect free-kick, but Ter Stegen, in a good position, made the perfect defense, stopping the draw. Not satisfied with the result, Messi decided to score one.

In an area invasion, by 42, Neymar Jr. left the ball to the Argentine, who got the ball up, through the goalkeeper, to score. By 3-1, with one goal for each member of the MSN trio, the FC Barcelona classifies themselves for the Champions League’s quarterfinals.