Neymar Jr.

Site elects Neymar Jr. as the second most valuable player in the world

The good phase that Neymar Jr. lived in 2015 is already giving fruits in 2016. According to a research released by the CIES Football Observatory, the player’s purchase price grew and today he is the second most valuable player in the world.

The athlete entered the top 10 of the bi-annual list of the 100 most valuable players in the world among the five largest international leagues (English, German, Spanish, Italian and French). According to the long CIES list, the value of Neymar Jr. fired from EUR 94 million to 152.7 million. About 656.6 million reais.

The athlete managed to overtake names like Cristiano Ronaldo (4th place) and Eden Hazard (3rd place), just getting behind Lionel Messi, who’s still in the lead. Barcelona’s number 10 is worth €250 million, but his price fell, worth about 17 million less as compared to his previous value.

You can check the list of the 100 most valuable players in the world on this link -

Check out the top 10:

1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) - 250,7 million euros
2. Neymar (Barcelona) - 152,7 million euros
3. Eden Hazard (Chelsea) - 130,5 million euros
4. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) - 114 million euros
5. Harry Kane (Tottenham) - 91,3 million euros
6. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) - 89,8 million euros
7. Antoine Griezmann (Atlético de Madrid) - 88,3 million euros
8. Luis Suárez (Barcelona) - 86,3 million euros
9. Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) - 82,1 million euros
10. Alexis Sánchez (Arsenal) - 81,9 million euros