Neymar Jr.

Red Bull’s Neymar Jr.’s Five great final happened at Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr.

In a fun Saturday, filled with sport and with the presence of NJr, Red Bull’s big Neymar Jr.’s Five tournament happened at the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. At the end of the event, the big winner that’s going to spend the whole day with FC Barcelona’s number 11 was decided.

The event started this morning and went until the afternoon, with the classificatory games taking place. Big games like Brazil and Germany and Netherlands and and Leban shook the fields of the INJr. The big final was between Brazil (Rio de Janeiro’s team) and Netherlands and the Brazilian guys became champions.

As a surprise, the Brazilian team played againts Neymar Jr.’s team that had personalities like Lucas Lima and Wesley Safadão, besides the player’s friends. What was supposed to be a tem minute match turned into three games, thanks to the Barcelona player’s will to play football with the kids.

The athlete gave the trophies to the ‘carioca’ winners and also gave a pair of boots to Lucas Colette, one of the top scorers of the competition.

“I was very happy to be able to play in this big tournament side by side with my friends. The team played very well and it was nice to play with them. Events like this are very good for the Instituto and I hope that more things like that happen”, said Neymar Jr.

The sports director of Neymar Jr.’s Five, Jonny Ertl, said that “The whole idea came last year, We wanted to create a world football tournament with Neymar Jr.’s philosophy and we wanted to bring it here where he was born. We wanted to give a chance to those players of meeting their here and also become a world Champion”.