Neymar Jr.

Red Bull launches Neymar Jr’s Five’s second edition

The road to Neymar Jr’s Five’s second edition starts now! Red Bull’s shocking tournament that debuted in 2016, joining more than 10.000 teams and 65.000 players of 47 different countries returns for the year of 2017, this time bigger than ever, with 53 countries participating and new rules to make the championship even more competitive.

You can already register to NJrs5 again. Just like before, the tourney consists in teams of five to seven players of 16 to 25 years old, but, in this edition, other two over-aged players will be allowed per team. The finalists will head to Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. to play in the final rounds and the winner will face a team gathered by Neymar Jr.

In 2016, the big winners were the Angels of the Ball, from Rio de Janeiro, who were crowned with a VIP trip to Barcelona and even had the opportunity of meeting the Catalan club’s number 11. Meeting the winners was incredible!” said Neymar Jr. "Now I can’t wait to see who makes it through to the 2017 World Final at my Instituto in Brazil.”

“I always played with my friends, using small goals. The tournament reminds me of my childhood and I am very proud of it” he said. “To win the five-a-side games and outplay them all, you need strategy and a good understanding of what the best moment is to attack and defend. A good defence is very important as well and can bring your team very far in the tournament."

Neymar Jr’s Five factfile:

·      10,000 teams took part in the first edition in 2016

·      Altogether, more than 65,000 players were registered

·      Tournaments took place in a total of 47 countries in 6 continents

·      Regional winners go through to their national final. National winners go through to the Neymar Jr’s Five World Final.

·      The 2016 final took place at the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr in Praia Grande, Brazil

·      The 2016 World Champions were ‘Anjos da Bola’ – Angels of the Ball – aged 20-22 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

·      The 2017 final will again be played at the home of the Neymar Jr at Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr in July 

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