Neymar Jr.

PSG wins the classic against Monaco

This Sunday (26), PSG waged a classic duel against Monaco at the Stade Louis II, winning another important game on the Ligue 1. The Paris team beat their rival by 2-0 with a goal by Cavani and another by Neymar Jr.

First half –
In two minutes, Neymar Jr. outran Fabinho and Tielemans, arranging a nice pass for Mbappé, who dribbled the keeper, but kicked it out. At eight, Dani Alves found Mbappé on the right, who threw the ball in the area. Cavani let go and Draxler saw the free goal, but missed the kick. PSG were ahead, but Monaco gained confidence with the efficiencyof the rear.

But Monaco’s defense did not last long. On the 18th minute, after a failure in their defense, Rabiot leaves the ball for Draxler, who finds Cavani in the area and the top scorer opens the score. With the score open, Monaco began to close themselves even further, forcing PSG to look for spaces to pierce the defense.

Time was passing and the first half was coming to an end. While PSG dictated the rhythm of the classic, Monaco found themsekves without options to strike, rarely creating good plays. In a fine counterattack, Mbappé sped up on the right and turned the game to Draxler, who dribbled the defenders, but failed to make a fine kick.

Without a better chance, the judge's whistle sounded and the first half of the classic came to an end.

Second half –

The first good chance came again at the second minute. Mbappé and Cavani tabled the area, leaving to Neymar Jr. to kick and send it on the polr. In the next play, the number 10 left Mbappé in the face of the goal, but when he tried to kick it over the goalkeeper, the rear took the danger away. But the score changed after seven minutes. After being knocked over in the area by Almamy, Njr charged the penalty that gave the second goal of the duel.

The match crossed its 20 minutes, with PSG thirsty for goals, while Monaco continued to care more about defending than attacking. In the 24th minute, the third almost appeared, after Cavani, who accelerated to the right, left the ball to Mbappé, who sent it out. At 28, the plau was repeated, this time with an incredible pass from Neymar Jr., but the Frenchman lost another goal.

PSG collected chances to score, making the crowd go wild. But in the 35th minute, João Moutinho charged a foul that bumped into Mbappé and rocked the net. With the goal, the PSG had to rearrange, noting that Monaco could come back with more hunger.

But Monaco’s will wasn’t enough. Even after the three extra minutes, the score was settled, giving PSG, the victory of the classic.