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PSG suffers defeat of Lille and postpones the title of Ligue 1

PSG met on Sunday (14) the second defeat in the 2018/2019 Ligue 1 season. The Paris team, who depended only played by a draw to win the competition, were beaten 5-1 by Lille away from home.

Even separated by 20 points on the leaderboard, leaders PSG and vice-leader Lille made a worthy championship game. The confrontation was open and exciting from start to finish.

The hosts came out ahead in the 7th minute with a goal against Meunier. PSG responded quickly. At 11 minutes, after good play Mbappé, the Spanish Juan Bernat tied the match.

Bernat went from hero to villain in a few minutes. At the end of the first leg he stopped Lille's counterattack at fault. Since he was the last man, he got kicked out.

With one man down in the second half, Paris struggled to score Lille's fast attack. The owners of the house took back the advantage with Pepe.

The numerical advantage left the team of the house more and more comfortable and the thrashing was a matter of time.

With one man down since the end of the first half, PSG has not backed down. Bamba made it 3-1, then the Brazilian Gabriel extended to 4 to 1. In charge of cornering the captain Fonte gave final numbers to the game: 5 to 1.

Lille's historic loss to Ligue 1 postponed PSG's future title. The Paris still depends only on a draw to be champion of the competition. The next game will be this Wednesday (17) against Nantes, in the Parc of the Princes.