Neymar Jr.

PSG shines at the Parc des Princes with a 7-1 rout against Celtic in the Champions League

This Wednesday (22), in the second match between PSG and Celtic, the Parisien team put on a show at the Parc des Princes. The team beat the Scots by 7-1, on the penultimate duel of the Champions League’s group stage. Neymar Jr. made two, Cavani also scored twice and Mbappé, Dani Alves and Verratti left their goals too.

First half –

In 20 minutes, the PSG fell and rose ar the Parc des Princes. In less than a minute, after an error in the rear on a corner-kick, Dembelé managed to open the score to Celtic. But at eight, Neymar Jr. took advantage of the Scots' wrong exit with the ball, to steal it, accelerate, kick and tie the duel. The tiebreaker came at 21, again with the number 10. After exchanging passes with Verratti in the area, he kicked with his left leg and scored.

With a calmer mind on the squad, another goal came in at 27 minutes. Dani Alves received from Neymar Jr. on the right and played it again to the star, who headbutted the ball for Cavani to make the third. At 34 minutes, Njr crossed into the area, Marquinhos dominated and passed for Mbappé to swing the net.

Celtic did not react and just watched Paris Saint-Germain dominate the field. The owner of the house took charge of the game and collected chances to goal, but the fifth goal did not come. With the referee's whistle, PSG stepped out of the throttle.

Second half –

Celtic almost reduced the score at the 10th minute, on a counterattack. Dembelé received with speed and accelerated to kick freely, but missed. In response, at 13, Cavani received in the entrance of the area, made an assault with the ball, turned around and kicked. What would be a beautiful goal, ended up going out.

At 17 minutes, the fifth goal almost came. Daniel Alves was able to steal the ball from the goalkeeper and pass for Cavani, who seemed unable to keep up with the other players, losing the chance. The game continued with the pace similar to that of the first half, where PSG had thirst for goal and Celtic defended himself. But that defense did not last long.

The goalkeeper added more goals to the score, in the 29th minute. Mbappé had a chance to take the lead, but lost the ball to the rear. Verratti, on the rebound, scored. At 33, Neymar Jr. left the ball for Kurzawa to launch it to the area and Cavani volleyed it to shake the nets. And then, at 35, Neymar Jr. made an incredible play into the area and tried to pass to Cavani. The Uruguayan missed and Dani Alves took advantage to leave his goal.

Leaving the Celtic athletes breathless, PSG even tried to seek more goals, but did not manage to score more. With a 7-1 rout, the parisien team conquered yet another beautiful victory.