Neymar Jr.

PSG scores 6 and defeats Rennes in their first game of the year

This Sunday (7), in the first game of 2018 and the first duel of the French Cup, PSG shone at the Route de Lorient and made a 6-1­ rout against Rennes. Neymar Jr., Di María and Mbappé rocked the net twice.

First half –

In 10 minutes, the first goal of the year came to PSG. Thiago Silva sent the ball with precision to Mbappé, who invaded the area and just dominated and kicked to open the score. And at 14, the Rennes’ fans were startled when Lo Celso accelerated in a solitary play and, when he kicked, saw the goalkeeper Diallo defend.

But Rennes could not stop the second goal for long. After 16 minutes, Di María came in from the right and launched the ball. Verratti and Rabiot exchanged passes and left it for Neymar Jr. to score the second one.

PSG practically played alone at the Route de Lorient. So alone, that the third came easily. Neymar Jr. accelerated from the left, passed to Berchiche who crossed and Di Maria pushed it to the goal. The Parisien team kept striking and the fourth goal did not come because Diallo became a wall in the goal.

At 36th minute, Neymar Jr. almost left a second goal, this time on a free-kick, but saw the chance being defended. In an incredible counter-strike, the number 10 gave the ball to Di María, who passed for Mbappé to return it for the Brazilian to score and close the first half.

Second half –

In the third minute, Rennes came close to scoring a goal, when Gnanon invaded the area and forced Trapp to make his first defense in the game. The team returned to cause danger in the 10th minute on a counterattack that put Mubele past the defenders, but he sent it out. At 14, Trapp positioned well and prevented another goal, this time kicked from outside the area, by Khazri.

Even with Rennes trying to rise, PSG was still absolute on the pitch. But at the 20th minute, after Thiago Motta placed his hand on the ball while in the area, Bourigeaud scored one for his team. Responding to the goal, in the 29th, Di María received from Mbappé and, face to face with the goalkeeper, swung the nets.

Unhappy with the result, Neymar Jr. accelerated an individual play and left the ball with Di María, who chose to pass to Mbappé make the sixth of the game. Without chances to get back up, Rennes watched PSG win their first game of the year with a rout.