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PSG met their first defeat of the year after losing to Lyon

This Sunday (21), PSG met their first defeat in the year. The game was complicated and the Paris squad were defeated by Lyon 2-1 away from home for the 22nd round of Ligue 1. Kurzawa scored the only goal of his club.

First half –

Lyon opened the score right in the first minute, in a free-kick that gave freedom for Fekir to shake the net, taking a chance on Areola’s bad positioning. Trying to recover from the goal, PSG caused danger right at the seventh minute, when Verratti and Kurzawa exchanged passes and placed the ball at Mbappé’s foot, who saw his kick being defended.

The game was almost crossing its 20 minute mark and PSG kept trying to grow in the pitch. At 18 minutes, Rabiot saw a launched ball coming from the right and kicked it straight to the goal, but Anthony Lopes defended again. The Parisian team tried, but the wall created by Lyon seemed unbreakable.

Without much success in creating plays and finding spaces. PSG tried a goal through aerial balls. At 42, Dani Alves sent a nice pass to Cavani, but the defenders took the danger away. But, at the last minute, the Brazilian appeared again to launch another ball. This time Kurzawa showed up and shook the nets.

Second half –

PSG returned to the pitch creating more moves and soon after three minutes, Verratti almost scored a goal. At five, the Italian won another chance, when he dropped a bomb from outside the area, but Anthony Lopes defended. At 10, Kurzawa tried to leave his second goal, with the same play of the first half, but sent out.

After 12 minutes, everything changed, after Dani Alves received a red card. The game started to heat up and PSG no longer had the same control as before. PSG kept playing and exchanged passes, while Lyon defended and guarded the ball as much as they could. Some fouls hampered the progress of the game, leaving the pace very slow.

In the 40th minute, Lyon startled PSG fans with a righteous bomb from Cornet, but Areola saved the team. But in the extra minutes, the goalkeeper did not repeat the deed and Depay sent an indefensible kick, making the second for his team and defeating PSG in the duel.