Neymar Jr.

PSG loses to Liverpool on their first Champions League game

This Tuesday (18), PSG went to Anfield Stadium to face Liverpool in their debut for this Champions League season. The team tried everything to ensure a victory, but Firmino turned the tides at the end of the match that ended by 3-2.

First half –

Five intense minutes in the Champions League. With Neymar Jr. lining up and Areola blocking the goal, PSG attacked cautiously and fought tooth and nail. Liverpool rained shots in the Parisian team, but the French goalkeeper shone, defending all the balls.

At 16, one of the best chances of the first half: Di Maria took the ball away from the area and found Neymar Jr., who saw his kick be defended by Alisson. On the rebound, Cavani also missed the chance. After the scare in the English squad, the match began to become more balanced, leaving the result uncertain. Uncertain until the 30th minute.

Robertson launched, Thiago Silva did not catch the ball and Sturridge opened the score with a headbutt. To make matters worse, shortly afterwards, Bernat knocked Wijnaldum down in the area and Milner widened. When the game seemed to be darkening for PSG, Meunier appeared in the area in the 40th minute, taking advantage of Cavani's rebound to score.

Without further news and with the result still uncertain, the first half came to an end.

Second half –

10 minutes of the second half and PSG saw difficulties in leaving their area. At 12, Salah even pushed the ball into the net, but the referee nullified the goal, whistling a foul in Areola. The French squad continued with difficulties in the game, leaving Liverpool free to attack and cause danger to the team.

After 30 minutes, PSG started betting on counterattacks. Taking advantage of the opponent's mistakes. At 37, after Salah lost the ball, Neymar Jr. advanced to the area, divided it with the defense and Mbappé took the leftover to tie the game. That only made the game faster. So fast that on the first extra minute, Firmino appeared on the area playing with the defenders and turning the tides with a goal.

PSG saw themselves without reaction or time to make something. In the end, Liverpool was victorious.