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PSG defeats Lille in the 17th round of Ligue 1

This Saturday (9), PSG defeated Lille by 3-1 at the Parc des Princes, in a match for the 17th round of Ligue 1. The team played a relatively calm game at home, with Di María, Pastore and Mbappé guaranteeing the victory goals of the duel.

First half –
Six minutes was enough for the first danger play to arise. Taking advantage on a right-footed shot, Mbappé entered with a free-kick, but missed the shot. Lille defended well, but opened some spaces on the sides, making it easier to play. At 14, taking advantage of na aerial ball from Mbappé, Rabiot took the ball in his chest and kicked, sending it out.

Even with many errors of pass and in finalizations, PSG was absolute in the game, with almost 70% of ball possession. But the match was coming to its 30 minutes and the team could not shake the nets. Until, at the 28th minute, Verrati launched the ball in the área, Mbappé took it and passed for Di María to score. The second one came at 32, after a mistake from the goalkeeper, that placed the ball at Mbappé’s foot, but he missed the shot.

After the goal, PSG began to enter the adversary’s área easily, but the defense did not let the strikers score the second goal. Without scares and surprises, the referee’s whistle came to finish the first half.

Second half –

And in three minutes, PSG scored the second goal. After Verrati stole the ball near the area, Cavani exchanged passes with Di María and left for Pastore to come from behind and extend the score. The home team seemed more agitated in the second half, but Lille also wanted to threaten more, leaving the match balanced and breaking the absolute control of the Parisien club.

But after the 25th minute mark, it was clear that Lille had no more rhythm. At 27, Verrati left the ball in the area and Mbappé appeared with good chances to goal, but kicked on the crossbar. In the 34th minute, in one of Lille’s rare reactions, El-Ghazi sped up the middle and risked a bomb from outside area, which ended in the hands of Areola.

Lille’s good chances seemed to liven up the team even more, and in the 41st minute, after an error in the defense out of Marquinhos, El-Ghazi used this to invade the area and decrease for the team. In response, Mbappé advanced on a counterattack, surpassing everyone and leaving the ball to Cavani, who had the chance to kick freely, but the goalkeeper defended.

PSG looked to extend further, while Lille did everything to tie. At the last minute, in a corner-kick, the Lill’s goalkeeper came to help the attack, but the PSG’s defense removed the danger, launching Mbappé in speed to, without a goalkeeper, kick and close the victory.