Neymar Jr.

PSG beats Rennes on the Ligue 1

This Saturday (16), PSG faced Rennes, outside their home, for the 18th round of the Ligue 1. The team from Paris defeated the owner of the house with a 4-1 rout. Neymar Jr. scored twice, Mbappé made one and Cavani shook the nets too.

First half –

Four minutes was enough for Rennes’ defensive wall to be destroyed. After dribbling everyone on the right, Mbappé launched and Neymar Jr. appeared in the area to complete the goal, opening the score. After the goal, the team of the house tried to react, but did not cause any danger, giving chances to players like Neymar Jr. and Mbappé to create more moves.

With space in the striking area, PSG's second goal came. After a play between Berchiche and Draxler, the ball fell on Neymar Jr., on the left, who touched with his right foot for Mbappé to complete the goal. The match crossed the 25 minute mark and Rennes rarely had the ball, leaving the Paris team free to accelerate the duel.

In the 32nd minute, Rennes reached the PSG area for the first time. After a launch from Traore, the ball hit the defenders and returned to Amalfitano, who kicked well, but sent it out. PSG continued responding and attacking, with full control of the game. At the 40th minute, in a play created by Verrati on the right, Mbappé crossed into the area, Cavani tried a letter kick, but the goalkeeper defended.

PSG continued attacking until the end, almost increasing in several occasions, until the whistle of the referee announced the end of the first half.

Second half –

In the first minute, in a PSG counterattack, Neymar Jr. and Mbappé exchanged passes and the Brazilian almost left his second. In the fourth minute, the number 10 risked again, this time out of bounds, but the ball stopped in the hands of the goalkeeper. But in the seventh minute, who scored was Rennes, after a corner-kick that gave a rebound for Mubele appear freely and score.

PSG became more offensive after taking the goal, seeking another goal in anyway possible, but Rennes ran behind the draw too. The match crossed the mark of 25 minute mark and Rennes began to lose strength, giving more space to PSG. And the result of that came at the 29th. After an incredible assist from Neymar Jr. to Cavani, he just covered the goalkeeper with the ball to score. In the next minute, the Uruguayan appeared again, this time exchanging passes with Mbappé, who left the ball again at the number 10’s foot, to enlarge the scoreboard.

The PSG remained obsolete in the game, collecting chances to goal. In the 44th minute, Kimpembe knocked Khazri into the area and was sent off. On the penalty box, the striker kicked it out. Rennes made a final pressure, but it was not enough and PSG emerged victorious.